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Custer County Recycling Facility Information

Custer County’s Recycling Facility is located just east when entering the main landfill entrance.


The recycling facility is free to the public and is helped in large part to volunteers from High Country Recycling.  To volunteer go to   


To continue this free service, please deposit clean, loose material (do not toss material in plastic bags) into the correct receiving window.


Do not contaminate the recycling by including items that are not being accepted, such as plastic bags, plastic containers, and scrap metal.


Custer County Recycles accepts ONLY the following materials:


  • Cardboard – flatten and clean (no beverage boxes)

  • Newspaper – separate newspaper from office paper/loose mail

  • Office paper/loose mail – tape, labels and plastic windows are ok  (NO shredded paper, paper clips or metal binders)

  • *Steel Cans – Clean and empty (labels OK) 

  • *Aluminum cans and beverage containers (labels OK)


*Please use the magnets located at the bottom of the receiving windows for Steel and Aluminum to determine if the materials are steel or aluminum. 

If the can sticks to the magnet, it is steel.  If it does not, it is aluminum. 


The hours of operation are:


Tuesday through Friday 8 am - 4 pm

Saturday *8 am - 12 pm

Sunday and Monday Closed

*Recycling facility is closed the Saturday before a Monday holiday closure.

* The recycling facility will be closed during high wind days.

Recycling Flyer