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Press Release from the Custer County Health Department

A county resident contacted the Public Health offices concerning three dead, wild rabbits found on their property.
State officials who were contacted warned any/all residents NOT to touch/handle any carcasses of dead rabbits, but to contact contact Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) for instructions.
The CPW wildlife biologist (Pueblo County has the following CPW office number: 719.561.5300) should be able to provide specific instructions, possibly even how to deliver the carcass _if directed_
to the veterinary pathologist located in Ft. Collins.

Two of the possible diseases causing death include tularemia, a zoonotic (transmissible between animals and humans) and (a virus newly found within the rabbit population) rabbit
hemorrhagic disease virus 2 , which is not currently found to be zoonotic.

Skunks, bats, mice, rats, prairie dogs, coyotes, foxes, rabbits, racoons and other warm-blooded animals are known carriers of diseases known to be zoonotic. Please use caution if you notice
abnormal behavior or carcasses lying around. It would be prudent not to handle such carcasses and to protect yourself from animals acting atypically.

Press Release from the Custer County Board of Health

Folks in Custer County may have heard talk about an alleged public health violation in the county not related to Covid-19.  There is no risk to the general public. The Board of Health is currently investigating the reported violation and will not make any further public comment while the matter is under investigation. The Board urges people not to speculate or engage in rumor-mongering in the meantime; when the investigation has been completed there will be full transparency during a discussion of the matter in a public meeting of the Board of Health which will be open to the public.  Thank you for your understanding.

Jacquelyn Hobby, County Sanitation Officer

Clint Smith, County Attorney

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