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Public Notice

The Board of County Commissioners is making announcement to solicit bids on county owned property for sale.  The property is being offered for sale by the owner, Custer County. 

 The location of the property is:  Lot 1A, Block 1 Cuerno Verde Pines 6th Filing, County of Custer, State of Colorado. This real estate transaction does not guarantee or provide size, soil conditions or flooding conditions are such that a  zoning permit, well permit or sewage disposal permit will be issued.  This property does not qualify for these permits or building permits and this transaction will be conducted with the understanding that no permits will be issued.If you wish to submit a bid on the property, please do so by June 18, 2024 5pm in a sealed envelope addressed to Custer County Commissioners, 205 S 6th, PO Box 150, Westcliffe, Colorado, 81252, mail or drop off at  Commissioner’s Annex Building across from courthouse.  Please include appropriate information including name, mailing address, email, telephone number and signature below your bid amount.

The bids will be opened during an upcoming BOCC meeting Jume 19, 2024, which will be posted on the agenda.  The BOCC reserves the right to reject any and all bids submitted.

If you have any questions or concerns, you may contact the BOCC at 719-783-9475 during regular business hours.

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