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Custer Daily Count: 05-9-2022

7 Day Case Count  1

Total Since Start of 2020  655


Hospitalized Currently 0

Deaths  21

Tests Administered in Custer 6721


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Dear fellow Custer County Citizens:


     With the holiday season approaching, we want to share with all of you how you can make an informed choice in how to best protect yourself and your family as you gather.


     While enjoying holiday time with loved ones, be mindful of those that are immuno-compromised, older, or vulnerable to serious illness and take precautions. COVID -19 spreads through airborne droplets, so consider limiting the number of family members that are sitting at the dinner table or who are in a small room. Encourage anyone with cold or flu symptoms to be tested for COVID before joining a gathering. Early diagnosis and treatment can save lives and reduce transmission.


     Over the last year and a half, we have learned much about the virus.  We know that a properly fitted KN95 mask, proper handwashing, and ventilation can help prevent the spread of COVID 19. We have seen that vaccinated people are much less likely to be hospitalized or die.  We are recognizing the pattern of natural immunity after COVID-19. Getting plenty of fresh air, taking vitamins, eating healthy foods, and exercising are also ways you can keep your immune system strong and help your body fight off the virus.  


     We believe each person is responsible for his own health and that of his family. With reliable information, informed decisions can be made to ensure we all have a healthy and happy holiday season. The Custer County Public Health Agency is here to serve you. Please stop by to pick up masks, get additional information, referrals, COVID-19 tests, or to schedule a vaccine.


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