COVID-19 Information


CCPHA Update 11-20-2020

As of 0800 this morning the Custer County stats are as follows:


Rated: Orange

Cumulative incidence: 336 (orange)

Average positivity: 7.3%

Hospitalizations: zero (from COVID-19)


Positive test results reported this morning: 2     Both are isolated and have been for 10 days already


As of 24 Nov, cumulatively 1,028 cases had been tested (county residents tested at all sites)


Outlook: 9 total positive (in isolation) including one probable (has not yet been tested, but listed on positive report due to close contact with positive case), and one who is hospitalized for other causes (but also tested  positive 8 days ago)


CO stats:

Daily Summary 11/24/20


Review of current COVID-19 situation

(Note: this summary only includes data through 4 p.m. YESTERDAY, except for current hospitalization

data which is updated today)

3,161 -- Cases reported yesterday

50 -- New deaths among cases reported since yesterday

1,739-- Number of persons currently hospitalized for confirmed COVID

126 -- Number of persons currently hospitalized as COVID PUIs

37,523 -- Numbers of tests reported as being performed yesterday

11.65% -- 7-day moving average positivity

Cumulative Case Summary

206,439 -- Cases

12,836 -- Hospitalizations view hospital data

64 -- Counties view incidence and epidemic curve data

1,645,109 -- People tested

2,939,263 -- Test encounters

2,860 -- Deaths among case view surveillance data

2,466 -- Deaths due to COVID

1,990 –Outbreaks





Dr Clifford Brown

Director of Public Health

Custer County


CCPHA Update 11-13-2020

On 11 Nov 2020, a Custer County employee who works at the Custer County Courthouse building received a positive test result for COVID-19. That employee is in isolation at home (removed from inter-personal contact).  All building employees that were in prolonged contact with that person have been quarantined for 14 days (11-25 Nov). The County Offices located in the building are closed for business on Thursday and Friday, Nov 12-13, and will be opened for business on Monday, Nov 16, 2020.  As is the routine, all employees and those who visit the County Offices on business must be masked while within the building. All employees quarantined will be tested as soon as possible.

To be quarantined means that you must remain apart from other people (outside of your home living area). It is recommended that you should maintain 6 feet from even your family members during this time and masked when indoors. If traveling is necessary (for a business or family reason), you should always be masked, remain out of public venues, and be separated by 6 feet from people outside of your immediate family members.

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Other Resources

For accurate and timely information on COVID-19 (Human Coronavirus) and prevention measures follow these listed websites:
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Custer County Emergency Management

  • Custer County Public Health

Custer County Public Health Agency

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Custer Case Data


Current Positive Cases: 9

Statistics Since March:

Total Tested: 1028

Positive Cases: 57

Hospitalized: (Currently Zero)

Released from Quarantine: 49

Recovered: 49

Deaths: 0

(Updated 11-25-2020)



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